Negotiation Skills For Workplace Mediators

This online Continuing Professional Development (CPD) course will be conducted over two 3-hour sessions on Zoom. There will also be a couple of hours (max) homework to do between the session. Giving a total of 8 CPD Hours. The CMC and other accreditation bodies have a required for Mediators to do set amounts of CPD each year. The course will be led by Tony Buon. Tony is an experienced Commercial and Workplace Mediator, Mediation Trainer, and Negotiator.



Tue 21 July

9:30: Welcome and introductions

9:45: Advantages and disadvantages of the  win-win concept

10:00: Activity 1 – Negotiation Ideas

10:30: Break (15 mins)

10:45: Stages of negotiation

11:10: Coleman Raider “bare-bones” model


11:40: Activity 2: Create the ideal BATNA (Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement)

12:10: Using Chips & Chops

12:30: End of part one


Tue 28 July

9:30: Review of previous session and homework

9:45: Avoiding common negotiation ‘traps’ and ‘mistakes’

10:05: Activity 3: Trap responses as a mediator

10:30: Break (15 mins)

10:45: Negotiating styles – assessment using the TKI

11:10: Exploring competition and cooperation

11:30: Reframing techniques for negotiation

11:50: Activity 4: Reframing

12:15: Cultural differences that impact negotiation

12:30: End of CPD course


The course will be conducted over two mornings 9:30-12:30, Tue 21 & Tue 28 July, £45 per person. Contact Timmy Kurtuldum  to confirm your attendance.