EAEF Conf. 2015: Workplace Duty of Care - the Role of EAPs

Join the Employee Assistance European Forum (EAEF) at their 2015 conference in Madrid to discuss duty of care in the workplace and the role of EAPs. The event boasts a range of international experts and speakers, discussing a range of topics, including:

  • Why the EAP is crucial to survivor syndrome
  • Employee wellbeing and resilience with integrated total health solutions
  • Duty of care of suicide prevention in the workplace

CiC’s chief executive, Kate Nowlan, will be addressing delegates on organisational responsibility for building employee resilience, identifying stress related symptoms and avoiding burnout.

“œThe workshop I’m hosting will explore an employer’s responsibility towards employees by looking at various aspects of resilient behaviour within the organisation. We’ll look at the impact exposure to long term and cumulative stress can have on employees and how managers can support and improve the situation to enhance employee engagement and resilience,” explained Kate.

For more information on the Conference and to register for it, go to the event website.

Managers under pressure ““ putting up a resilient fight!

At the 2015 Health & Wellbeing at Work Conference Kate Nowlan, CiC’s chief executive, looked at the stress of leadership, discussing resilience and emotional intelligence strategies for managers under pressure

“Managers’ exposure to stress is on the increase, with high pressure targets, tight and demanding deadlines, managing performance, personal and team job insecurities, long hours and a poor work/life balance) all contributing to pressure on this key group of employees,” says Kate.

Kate highlighted the strategies and tactics that managers need to understand and implement in order to fight against this rising tide of pressure in a positive and resilient way, including:

  • Learning to prioritise conflicting demands
  • Keeping calm when dealing with the unexpected
  • Taking a step back to better manage performance
  • Encouraging mindfulness and monitoring your anxiety levels
  • Managing your work / life balance and taking time to take time out

To find out more about how CiC can help you and your managers increase their emotional resilience or to ask for more information on this conference presentation, email info@cic-eap.co.uk.

Support for employees returning to work after a breakdown

CiC’s chief executive, Kate Nowlan, was quoted in a recent Times’ supplement on rehabilitation. In the article, Returning to work after a breakdown, Kate recommends introducing a phased return to the workplace for employees who have been absent due to stress, as well as scheduling weekly meetings between affected individuals and their line managers.

You can read the full rehabilitation supplement here.