Stress, Resilience & Trauma Workshops

Provide your organisation with the skills to identify stress in the workplace

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CiC’s stress, resilience and trauma workshops are for both employees and managers. The course aims to provide a practical course where individuals have an opportunity to identify their own personal strengths and areas to develop with a view to increasing emotional resilience by small changes in everyday life. This course aims to strengthen all resilience factors that mitigate stress.

This course also aims to enhance skills of managers, in order that they are able to work more effectively to reduce stress in both themselves, colleagues and the work environment. Advising how to identify early signs of stress, as well as understanding how stress impacts our body, working environment and a range of strategies to combat this effectively.

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Why CiC

CiC’s course enable staff to feel like they have some personal responsibility for wellbeing, increasing morale, allowing them to reflect on personal strengths and areas to build, in turn increasing motivation and effectiveness in the workplace.

When you choose CiC to deliver this course your managers will gain increased understanding of stress, provide them with the mental tools to manage and reduce stress as well as giving them the ability to recognise potential triggers in both themselves and colleagues.
Most importantly, it will provide your business with culture changes around general healthy habits and lifestyle is of positive benefit to everyone.

Features and Benefits

Identify Stress

How to identify stress – early signs and symptoms

Understand Stress Impacts

To understand how stress impacts on us and those around us. How stress works – the effect on our body.

Recognise Stressors

How stress works and how to recognise stressors and triggers.

Overcome Stress

How to overcome stress – provide useful coping strategies.

Action Plan

Creating an Action plan, individuals will be encouraged to develop a resilient culture through understanding how to apply this information to teams and work.

Deal with Stress

Create steps to change how we deal with stress.