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No organisation can function well if a part of it is not working. Group sessions provide a safe space for a team that is experiencing difficulties to reflect on itself, in a contained setting, with an experienced and impartial group facilitator. The facilitator’s task is to draw attention to styles of relating and differing assumptions and then to help the group think about solutions.

Group sessions offer a unique opportunity to observe a microcosm of the organisation in action. They can yield deeper common understandings as well as fresh and more productive ways of relating. Often the group will want to define how it will work in future and an agreed set of actions may be the chosen outcome. Sometimes it will be clear that conflicts between individuals need to be separately resolved and this can be organised.

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Why CiC

CiC is a leading conflict management and accredited workplace mediation provider. Our mediators offer impartiality, confidentiality and advanced skills in order to facilitate mediation without causing harm therefore increasing the likelihood of a successful and sustainable outcome.

CiC’ offers a quick and cost effective confidential Mediation service that will help organisations prevent and manage interpersonal difficulties to enable better working relationships, build more successful teams and maximise organisations performance.

Group Facilitation allows employees to take responsibility for the outcomes they want, be honest in the communication, talk about the real issues and trust in each other to take risks and try out new ideas and ways of approaching things. They will also learn and grown within the framework of your business as well as learning good interpersonal process skills and care about each other’s place within the group, whilst valuing each other’s contribution.

Features and Benefits

CiC offers professional, practical and affordable mediation and conflict resolution services designed for organisations wishing to resolve workplace disputes and build better working relationships and implement a conflict resolution strategy.


Two-person and team facilitations can be onsite or remote within and arranged within 3 days.


Impartial and informal service with a dedicated account manager.

Retain Ownership

Avoid time-consuming and costly formal procedures and the parties retain ownership.

Accredited and experienced

Civil Mediation Council accredited and experienced mediators.

Service Delivery

All solutions can be created with a range of access options, depending on your particular needs. From online to on-site, we’ll create the right service for you and your people.


Well Online provides your people with 24/7/365 access to practical guides and advice, and a gateway to additional services.

Face to Face

Our clinicians, practitioners and trainers are experts in providing face to face support.


Our friendly and qualified AdviceLine counsellors are just a call away when your people need immediate assistance.


Our global network of clinicians, trainers and critical incident responders are available to provide local support in the UK or overseas.