Mental Health & Wellbeing

Professional-led sessions to support the mental health and wellbeing of your people.

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One Theory: Many Names

Life can put us all in situations that challenge our mental health & wellbeing. The circumstances can be one-off or ongoing.

For many reasons, professional-led support sessions or checkups are put in place for individuals, groups and teams within organisations to provide regular support or supervision. These sessions can help identify if any other help or support is required and can facilitate the learning of additional coping strategies for general self-care and management.

It is important that each organisation uses a name that reflects, as much as possible, the function of the sessions for their people in each department or work area.

Interested in Mental Health & Wellbeing Check-Ups?

Why CiC?

We understand how important these sessions can be, which is why we only use counsellors and psychotherapists with experience in individual and group facilitation who have a good knowledge of work-related issues and the impact of a stressful workload.

As well as using their training and experience in mental health, our practitioners will often take a career coaching approach to the sessions. This holistic style of working ensures that risk is identified; areas of concern are explored and provides an opportunity for participants to look at both their soft and hard skills.

Features & Benefits

How professional support programmes can support your people.

& Impartial

All check-ups are completed confidentially and impartial.


Available to all types of organisation. Not just in business environments.


Providing useful opportunities for helping people to become more emotionally intelligent.


As will all our interventions, our clinical expertise is beneficial for ensuring a good understanding of the human element to your organisation.

Service Delivery

All solutions can be created with a range of access options, depending on your particular needs. From online to on-site, we’ll create the right service for you and your people.


Well Online provides your people with 24/7/365 access to practical guides and advice, and a gateway to additional services.

Face to Face

Our clinicians, practitioners and trainers are experts in providing face to face support.


Our friendly and qualified AdviceLine counsellors are just a call away when your people need immediate assistance.


Our global network of clinicians, trainers and critical incident responders are available to provide local support in the UK or overseas.