What CiC Got Up To: Mental Health Awareness Week 2019

Mental Health Awareness Week took place between 13 – 19 May 2019, and this years’ theme was “Body Image: how we think and how we feel.”

CiC are experts in employee wellbeing, offering a range of UK and International EAP services, as well as more specialist services such as peer support and mental health training. This year, we worked with many clients to encourage the conversion around mental health, stress and resilience, as well as managing and coping methods for those suffering both in and out of the workplace.

Read below how we supported just a few of the many businesses CiC worked with, this Mental Health Awareness Week:

mental health awarenss week workplace - CiC

  • A global multinational corporation (Mental Health Awareness and Wellbeing webinar): A webinar suitable for all to introduce the varied effects of Mental Health and how best to manage our wellbeing both in and out of the workplace.
  • ITN (Stress, Trauma and Wellbeing in Journalism seminars and 1-to-1 wellbeing consultations): Pointed seminars discussing stress and trauma in journalism, exploring the effects on all that work in the profession and giving tools and tips for increasing wellbeing. This was followed by CiC offering a confidential space for staff to book time with an EAP practitioner to discuss mental health, support and wellbeing.
  • Russel-Cooke (Mental wellbeing in the Legal Profession): A session focussed on the stresses of working in the legal profession and an exploration of building resilience and wellbeing individually and in our teams.
  • A London NHS Trust (Stress, Resilience and Wellbeing in the workplace): Open sessions targeted at discussing individual stress and resilience. These workshops allowed staff to explore their own stressors, their responses to them and where and how to improve their resilience to these.

CiC have a range of set mental health training sessions, but we are also able to create bespoke training sessions like those we delivered during Mental Health Awareness Week, to be delivered either face to face or online.

Contact us today to find out more information about our training services, or call 020 7937 6224.