Timmy Kurtuldum talks about the Magic Art of Mediation

If you ever wondered if mediation is for you, an article from CiC’ s Training and Mediation Manager, Timmy Kurtuldum, in the latest issue of BACP’ s Counselling at Work journal, talks about the skills required to play a part in a successful mediation.

“It’s too easy to think that mediation in a workplace context is the same as say, for example, family mediation or mediating parties going through a divorce. In these types of mediation, there is much more of a focus on the past and factors contributing to the issues being discussed.

I can’t emphasise enough that this is a marked contrast to workplace mediation; where we’re purely focused on the ‘now’. There’ s no need to know the details of what happened leading up to the mediation.

We can work our magic with minimal information and an acceptance from all parties involved that we can move forward,” says Timmy.

In the article Timmy also talks about the core skillset CiC looks for in appointing prospective workplace mediators, as well as the type of background experience and qualifications that they look for.

To access a copy of the article please click here.