Officer Down: Police under Attack

On the streets of Britain a police officer is attacked every 20 minutes.

Last Monday Channel 4’s Dispatches investigated the devastating impact it’s having on their mental health, with our client’ s Police Care UK & Jessica Miller interviewed. With 1 in 5 officers and staff having some form of PTSD, something must change.

“˜Officer Down: Police under Attack’ looked into new research, which reveals an escalating problem with violence against police officers across the country, with mounting numbers of assaults.

CiC supports Police Trusts with counselling services, sometimes specifically with trauma, EMDR and CBT counselling as a result of the horrific and distressing scenes police officers witness on a regular basis.

Credit: Channel 4

The role of professional support

CiC also supports police officers with Professional Support – commonly referred to as Supervision, Mandatory counselling, Professional coaching. It is a service whereby individuals can discuss and explore anything that may be impacting their work personally and professionally on a regular basis.

Professional Support sessions take place in either an individual or group setting in a confidential setting. They can ultimately help identify if any other support is required, as well as facilitate the learning of additional coping strategies for general self-care and management, within or outside work.

If you are an organisation with employees that you think could benefit from regular, mandatory counselling then please get in touch at