Minimising Organisational Conflict with Mediation

Conflict seems inherent in today’ s organisations as employers are under pressure to re-model themselves to fit new economic realities and meet the challenges of digitalisation. The resulting redundancies, shifting workloads and responsibilities have led to tensions, not always immediately visible, but ratcheting up in the background between individuals and whole teams.

In pursuit of an outlet for feelings of injustice and frustration, employees and line managers too often turn to formal processes established for disciplinary action.

“This route means rapid escalation of any conflict, tribunals, dismissals and other long-term negative feelings, resulting in a significant impact on teams, sickness absence levels and manager’ s career. And in terms of legal fees and manager time it’ s a very expensive and damaging routine. Typically, up to 30% of a manager’ s time is said to be spent in dealing with conflict,” said CiC’ s Training Manager, Timmy Kurtuldum.

In an article for the HRDIRECTOR she presents mediation as an alternative model to short circuit the negative currents of conflict for employers.

“Mediation is a simple, commonsense solution – the challenge for organisations, HR and managers, being more the lack of awareness of the approach. Following existing processes is the recognised, easier option for staff under pressure and wanting to resolve difficult (and sometimes embarrassing) conflicts as soon as possible. But it can be a false economy, a shortcut to the use of far more management time and costs for the organisation, when a culture of early mediation would have seen the conflict lose its momentum and purpose.”

Sound familiar? Want to know how you can address this in your ogranisation? To read the full article, please click here.