Midwives and Work-Related Psychological Distress

Midwives and Work-Related Psychological Distress

A recently published article by midwife, researcher and lecturer Sally Pesaro seeks to outline some of the lesser reported difficulties faced by those working in the midwife profession.

Her article 10 Things You May Not Know About Midwives in Work-Related Psychological Distress can be found here on the PJP website.

CiC works with an increasing number of NHS trusts and is well aware of the psychological distress faced by many of their employees, especially those who work with young and vulnerable individuals.

Sally’ s article highlights the need for intelligent intervention stating “building and testing new and evidence-based interventions designed to support midwives in work-related psychological distress may offer midwives the opportunity to thrive rather than just survive in the workplace”

CiC offer a range of adaptable training programmes that can be tailored to suit the specific needs of such a population of employees. Additionally our robust knowledge of working with NHS trusts and their employees puts us in great position to offer experienced advice to individuals and teams alike.

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