Kate Nowlan & Thomson Reuters at US Journalism Convention

Coping with On-The-Job Trauma – Powered by Reuters, at the 2016 NABJ and NAHJ Annual Convention and Career Fair

Ferguson. San Bernardino. Baltimore. Sandy Hook. Katrina. Violent images on user generated content. U.S.-based journalists are thrust into coverage of mass-casualty events, civil unrest, protests and natural disasters at what seems to be an ever-rising rate. As a result, they’ re exposed to scenes of human trauma and misery that not long ago were largely witnessed only by foreign war correspondents, and face many of the same symptoms of post-traumatic stress. No news organisation has more of its staff in conflict coverage than Reuters, and their commitment to helping those journalists who have held those assignments is resolute. An expert panel discussion is being led by veteran conflict correspondent Caroline Drees and Reuters counselling and trauma support partner CiC for an engaging discussion, practical exercises, and to learn what resources are available in the U.S. for support and treatment in the aftermath of these stories.

  • Moderator: Caroline Drees, Global Editor, Reuters
  • Kate Nowlan, CEO of CiC
  • Emily Flitter, Reuters, Reporter
  • Cheryl Corley, NPR Correspondent
  • Ken Molestina, Anchor and reporter

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