CiC Spring Seminar "“ Stress Management

The CiC spring seminar held at the National Liberal Club, Whitehall in June focussed on stress management – with two outstanding presenters highlighting different aspects of an issue which remains high priority for HR and OH managers across the sectors. Kiki Maurey, executive coach specialising in supporting resilient leaders, challenged the audience with interactive exercises looking at how employees manage their wellbeing, how they really sustain themselves – and highlighted the strong business case for wellbeing initiatives. Emerald Jane Turner, psychotherapist and occupational therapist, engaged participants with an outline of her award winning Fit for Work package which has been proven to reduce absence by 79% in some organisations. The emphasis on early intervention and resilience focussed modules attracted much interest and requests for follow up. Kate Nowlan, CEO of CiC, reminded the 60+ attendees of CiC’s broad spectrum of products and services that enhance stress management in the workplace, including mediation and critical incident support.