Police Care UK

Police Care UK (formerly known as The Police Dependant’s Trust) provide practical, emotional and financial support for those who suffer physical and psychological harm because of their policing role.

The organisation was originally established in 1966 for the purpose of assisting police officers and their dependants, and rebranded in 2019 to create a more modern organisation with a more relevant identify. For more than 50 years, they have been a lifeline to serving and former police officers, police staff and volunteers and their families, helping with a whole range of situations and needs.

Support from Police Care UK is completely independent and confidential thanks to donations and fundraising. The charity receives no government or police funding.

Their charitable mission is to reduce the impact of harm on police and their families and they do this through three charitable aims:

  • Ensuring everyone is aware of the harm police experience as part of their role
  • Enabling people to recover and rebuild their lives
  • Engaging with the police service to do all they can to reduce or prevent harm

The Challenge

In recent years policing has been tested to its limits. The significant numbers of incidents that have hit the headlines have all played their part, but the daily incidents that officers and staff are exposed to often do not make the headlines. There are currently some 5,000 police officers who are off sick because of injury, and some 12,000 who are on restricted duties.

In 2019 Channel 4’s Dispatches investigated the devastating impact it’s having on their mental health, with Police Care UK Director of Research Dr Jessica Miller interviewed.

‘Officer Down: Police under Attack’ revealed an escalating problem with violence against police officers across the country, with mounting numbers of assaults.

Recent research (The Job and The Life, 2018) funded by Police Care UK showed that 1 in 5 officers and staff have some form of PTSD. Those with Complex PTSD are three times more likely to suffer with cardiovascular disease, and twice as likely to experience gastrointestinal issues and immune disorders, such as IBS and arthritis.

The Solution & Outcome

In 2018, Police Care UK began reviewing their support offer. With many people having suffered injuries, and with an increase in psychological issues and mental health conditions, they wanted to provide a support helpline that would offer the emotional support, but also support with financial, legal and relationship issues.

The main component of the support CiC offer is trauma and crisis support, such as EMDR and CBT counselling, all funded by Police Care UK.

In April 2018, CiC and Police Care UK went live with a 6-month pilot to provide support for:

  • Serving or former police officers and those in qualifying police roles (volunteers and staff)
  • Family members of police officers, staff and volunteers.
  • Police Care UK staff and Volunteers

Now well into 2019, we are delighted to partner with the organisation and have supported over 1000 of Police Care UK’s employees, volunteers and beneficiaries.

For more information please contact ceo@policecare.org.uk or assist@cic-eap.co.uk