Global News Agency

Journalism is a high-stress profession.  Whether you are embedded on the front-line of an armed conflict or breaking out snaps on today's foreign exchange movements, the deadlines are tight and the competition is never far behind.

The Challenge

Most professionals working for global news agencies thrive on the pressure and enjoy productive and fulfilling careers. But constant exposure to extreme human distress, the relentless demands of financial reporting or even just the daily challenge of working in a commercially aggressive environment can have a strong impact on emotional wellbeing.

As pressure turns into stress, the capacity to cope can become eroded. If this stress becomes acute, there is a real danger of burnout. At the extreme end of the spectrum, psychological trauma can have a devastating effect on both work and private life.

The Solution

CiC provides a comprehensive global trauma support programme for staff working for a top global news agency both locally and internationally.

Specifically intended for journalistic staff who will have been exposed to traumatic situations, this global trauma support offering has run since 2006 and includes a multi-lingual 24 hour emergency trauma support line, local on-site face to face support regardless of location, cutting edge trauma training workshops, some are delivered by CiC’s CEO as well as by highly qualified trauma trainers globally, all backed by a comprehensive e-learning package.

To date CiC have also delivered on site trainings in the Middle East, the Far East, Africa, South America, North America and Europe.

The Outcome

Since the service began, CiC has met and exceeded the service level requirements of the news agency and it has been reported back to CiC that both usage and positive feedback received is notably higher than with previous providers.