The Importance of Kindness in the Workplace

CiC Random Act Of kindness Week

A little kindness can go a long way.

17th February – 22nd February is Random Acts of Kindness Week, a time where it’s even more encouraged to do something nice for someone else (or yourself!).

The winter months can be hard for a lot of people. With dark evening, gloomy weather, and the optimism of the New Year dying down, the importance of a random act of kindness cannot be understated in lifting morale – especially in the workplace.

So, discover the benefits of kindness in the workplace, and ideas on how you can spread kindness in the workplace.

“We rise by lifting others”

– Robert Ingersoll

The importance of kindness

Within a busy office environment, it can often be easy for managers to miss signs of poor mental health in the workplace. According to the latest Government statistics, 595,000 workers suffered from work-related stress, depression or anxiety during 2017 / 2018, resulting in 15.4 million lost working days.

By cause, the greatest causes of stress in the workplace are:

  • Workload – 44%
  • Lack of support – 14%
  • Bullying – 13%
  • Changes at work – 8%

This is a shocking statistic, and shows the critical need for initiatives to improve mental health in the workplace.

Increasing initiatives that encourage acts of kindness within the workplace can have transformative for low mood, not only for the receiver, but the giver also. Conducting a random act of kindness has been found to have the following benefits within the workplace:

  • Lowered blood pressure & improved overall heart-health.
  • Increased energy.
  • Greater happiness.
  • Stimulation of serotonin – the feel-good chemical heals your wounds, calms you down, and makes you happy!

In a survey conducted by the Random Act of Kindness Foundation, ‘half of participants in one study reported that they feel stronger and more energetic after helping others; many also reported feeling calmer and less depressed, with increased feelings of self-worth.’

“A single act of kindness throws out roots in all direction, and the roots spring up and make new trees.”

– Amelia Earhart

Encouraging kindness in the workplace

There are a number of initiatives you can promote to increase happiness, and future random acts of kindness, within the workplace:

 –  Decorate the office with positive messages and inspirational quotes
 –  Organise a coffee morning, or similar, for your employees
 –  Find ways to balance workloads for employees that are snowed under
 –  Recognise employees who go the extra mile to help others – such as ‘star of the week’ awards.
 –  Remind your people what you appreciate about working with them.
 –  Ensure that everyone is included in meetings, and other company gatherings.
 –  Find a local organisation or charity that could use your help and find a day (or half day) when employees can volunteer in person.
 –  Take the time to listen to other’s ideas.
 –  Share positive messages and feedback with your staff.
 –  Create a “Generosity Board” in a shared space like the lunch room for employees to share ideas.
 –  Clean up a mess you didn’t make – promotes the idea of everyone pitching in for the company’s goals.

To discover more about the importance of kindness in the workplace, watch this great video from the Random Act of Kindness Foundation:


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