The Benefits of Workplace Mediation

Conflict is a part of life, and it embraces any situation where we meet obstacles in achieving everything we want. Conflict does not always arrive by choice, but we do have choices as to how to deal with it.

No matter how successful a team or organisation, difficulties in communication are almost inevitable. Differences in beliefs, values, goals and life experiences all have the potential to contribute to misunderstandings. Although most problems can be resolved with relatively little intervention, it is all too easy for conflicting perspectives and expectations to escalate into something much more difficult to deal with.

With ever changing working environments and increased presenteeism, people are under increased stress and teams can become fractured.  Individuals can lose their identity, often resulting in increased sickness absence costs as individuals take time off to deal with the effects of conflict.

Cost of Workplace Conflict

Without successful intervention, situations can escalate impacting team morale, productivity, performance, sickness absence and engagement, all resulting in poor working relationships and even damaging the reputation of the company.

In some cases the result of not recognising the early signs or simply choosing to avoid the situation completely can cost your organisation time and money. The formal HR and legal procedures which may have to be implemented as a result of any escalation can be timely and expensive.

With the cost of conflict running into billions of pounds every year, workplace mediation is being used increasingly to try and help resolve conflict, and help the parties involved to reach a mutually agreeable and sustainable working arrangement.

Workplace Mediation

Workplace mediation is a completely voluntary and confidential form of alternative dispute resolution. It involves an independent, impartial person helping two or more parties reach a solution that’s acceptable to everyone. The mediator can talk to both sides separately or together. The mediator helps the parties to explore issues and helps them negotiate ways of working together and moving forward.

CiC’s mediation service offers a quick, cost effective, confidential and informal process which allows the individuals to retain ownership of the situation in a safely facilitated environment therefore increasing the likelihood of a successful outcome.

The Benefits of Workplace Mediation

In the UK, statistics show that 80% of mediations reach a full resolution. Not only is a resolution resolved between the parties, but the associated effects of the conflict on the wider team are alleviated.

Each situation is different, with a tailored approach required to find the best outcome possible. A dedicated workplace mediation service can provide the following:

  • A confidential and informal process
  • A situation where the relevant parties retain ownership of the process
  • An opportunity to work through issues in a safe respectful space facilitated by an impartial expert
  • Quick and cost effective service
  • Increased staff morale and productivity
  • Saving on management and HR time
  • Improved staff retention
  • More engaged workforces
  • A happier working environment
  • Improved employer reputation
    CiC has a team of experienced professional mediators registered with the Civil Mediation Council.  All our Mediators follow an appropriate code of conduct and are sensitive to diversity, equality and anti-discrimination and confidentiality issues. When issues are too complex to handle internally, CiC offers a Mediation service that will help organisations prevent and manage interpersonal difficulties to enable better working relationships, build more successful teams and maximise organisations performance.

    For more information on our workplace mediation service, call us on 020 7937 6224 or complete our short enquiry form.