Stay Ahead This Winter. 5 Ways To Prepare For The Office Flu

It’s that time of the year again, the evenings are darker, ice forms on your car’s windscreen, and the flu virus is rife within your office. There are ways that organisations can help prevent the spread of the flu which if unchecked can wipe out a whole office floor, leaving you with next to none well members of the team. Here are a few tips on how to keep the flu out of the office:



Flu Jabs

Every year a different form of the Flu virus takes its hold on the country, but your GP or your local pharmacy can offer a flu jab which can help prevent you and your team from being struck down with the Flu virus. As an organisation, you should be reminding your employees of the benefits of having a flu jab, especially if you don’t have a sick pay allowance which can sadly cause your staff to lose out on their wage.


Basic Hygiene

Everyone knows that a good understanding of basic hygiene can prevent the transfer of germs, but unfortunately not everyone follows these hygiene rules. As an organisation you should be promoting the benefits of your employees washing their hands and provide extra protection with the use of an alcohol-based sanitiser – this will help to kill the germs missed during the washing process.


Keep the Flu out

Organisations should be more flexible to employees who do fall ill with the Flu, if possible they can offer employees the ability to work from home which is a perfect way of keeping the flu virus out of the office Air-Con unit and spreading around the office.


Stock the Office

There are many products which have preventative measures, for example vitamin C and Vitamin D both help fight the flu virus. It would be very beneficial for organisations to have a health corner style system where they offer specific vitamin-based products such as effervescent tablets or even a simple fruit selection.


Promote a healthy environment

These prevention methods do not need to occur in the winter months, your organisation should be promoting a healthy environment throughout the entire year, this way employee’s immune system will strengthen in time for when the flu virus does hit. Organisations should promote healthy diets and lifestyle choices.


During the winter months Employees can also be affected by Seasonal Effective Disorder (SAD) a form of depression that can sometimes be so disabling that sufferers cannot function in winter without continuous treatment. To read more about how you can support your Employees through SAD visit here


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