New Years’ Resolutions for Managers

With Christmas a matter of weeks away, no doubt many of us are thinking about what we would like to achieve or address in the New Year. While personally, we may resolve to get fitter; be more organised; eat more healthily; or learn a new skill – why reserve New Year’s Resolutions for outside of the office?

If you’d like to improve your management skills or approach in 2020, CiC’s employee wellbeing experts have a few top tips and examples for New Years’ Resolutions for managers.

Management resolutions

Ask Your Colleagues How You Can Support Them

In a leadership role, it can be easy to find yourself doing more talking than listening. Be mindful of this; when you listen to your employees, you make them feel valued – both personally and professionally.

If you want a simple answer, ask a simple question: ‘How can I support you in 2020?’ As each of your team members privately and be sure to listen carefully – be empathetic and do not interrupt. Together, put together a plan of action as to how you can make your employees feel supported at work.

Support and Enable Growth

If your employees are not being challenged, they’re not growing and learning.

Doing the same, monotonous task day after day can leave employees feeling bored, under-valued and demotivated – certainly no good for employee retention rates! Giving your employees greater responsibility at work will make them feel valued and trusted, motivating them to keep moving in the same direction and progress within your business.

According to the Support/Challenge Matrix, high challenge activities or responsibilities, tied with a high level of support from managers often results in high employee energy and commitment. This of course, should be regularly reviewed by both yourself and your team members throughout the year, so that everyone is happy with their workload, duties and responsibilities. This will help you ensure that, while none of your staff feel overworked or stressed, none of them are riding easy either!

Be a Good Role Model

What do you want from your employees this year? Whether it’s something as simple as being more punctual, or something more complex – such as seeking mental health support – be sure to lead by example.

Think about your own professional New Year Resolutions and make a plan as to how you are going to stick to them. Maybe even share them with your team – not only will this keep you motivated, but your employees will be encouraged to see that you are reviewing areas of your own performance that you would like to work on. It’s highly likely that your employees will also appreciate your honesty in telling them where you would like to improve – a great way to increase team morale!


Want to resolve to provide a better level of support for your employees? Browse CiC’s range of Employee Assistance Programmes (EAP) and Ad Hoc Referrals for Counselling, to find the perfect employee wellbeing solution for your business in 2020.