Keeping Employees Motivated in December

It doesn’t matter what industry you work in; how big your workforce is; or whether you work in a team of Scrooge’s or Christmas fanatics – December is always full of distractions. As an employer, this can be a difficult balancing act; no good manager wants to negatively affect employee morale, though equally, prolonged periods of decreased productivity are not good for business.

So what’s the key to keeping employees motivated throughout December into the run up to the festive period? Here’s CiC’s top tips for you to try this month:

Plan Ahead

The best thing for managers, employers and businesses owners to do is to be realistic with themselves and their teams and face facts that the year-end is never the most productive period. If things can’t wait, set deadlines to get things ticked off the team’s to-do list before Christmas. Conversely, be mindful of not piling on the pressure ahead of what – for some people – can be quite a stressful time of year. Encourage your employees to take what is often a quieter time to reset and get admin-free for the New Year. Put some Christmas tunes on and give your team the time to clean up their emails; re-organise their soft copy and hard copy files and schedule some task for 2019.

Professional New Year’s Resolutions

Keeping employees motivated at year-end can be tough, you may find it useful to use this time to reflect on each team member’s progress and achievements in 2018, using casual one-on-one meetings to set ‘professional’ or ‘work-based’ New Year Resolutions for each employee. As well as receiving praise about what they have done well this year, having an objective or target to meet in 2019 will keep your employees motivated all year round!  

Allow Remote Working or Flexi-Time

For some employees, the festive season can bring more stress than excitement – whether it’s Christmas shopping; family arrangements; seasonal travelling or arranging to be home for packages to be delivered – December can mean that your staff’s minds are wandering for the wrong reasons.  Combat this by allowing your teams to work remotely or work flexibly around their holiday plans and errands.

For an extra motivational boost, why not consider cutting Christmas hours short – or even cutting them altogether! Obviously, employees understand that it isn’t viable for all businesses, but if you have considered and reviewed any business or financial implications, there is no better festive motivation than allowing your employees to spend Christmas with their friends and families.

Secret Santa

Some people love it, some people love to hate it! Either way, Secret Santa is a sure fire way to inject a bit of festive fun into your office! Set a price limit, get whoever wants to take part to put their name in a hat and off you go! Agree on a day and time for the gifts to be given out and make the most of it with mince pies and hot chocolates for your workforce – even those that didn’t want to take part. It’s a sure-fire way to get everyone in the Christmas spirit and encourage camaraderie.

Secret Santa Gift

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