Wellbeing Assistance Programme

A New Generation of Employee Assistance Programmes.
Your always-on service to support your peoples’ wellbeing.

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Our version of an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) is available to everyone. Support your employees, members, contractors, freelancers, volunteers, students and your other key people with our Wellbeing Assistance Programmes.

Well Online, our wellbeing gateway, is a gateway to both practical information and guidance on a range of topics covering all areas of life, and to our AdviceLine team through live chat.

Our AdviceLine offers everyone in your organisation access to independent, and completely confidential support and advice.

Whatever the situation, our Wellbeing Assistance Programme consultants, who are fully qualified counsellors or psychotherapists, will help clarify the issues that your people are facing and, if appropriate, put them in touch with the expert help they need.

Looking For An Assistance Programme?

Why CiC?

With over 30 years of experience, we are experts in providing high-quality EAPs. We also recognise the desire of organisations to provide this benefit to groups beyond just their employees, so we’re making our assistance programmes available to everyone.

Assistance Programmes make a positive difference to the everyday lives of your people, providing around the clock in the moment support.

Our EAPs have been proven to help reduce absenteeism as well as other disruptive effects of poor wellbeing and mental health issues. Our Wellbeing Programmes help make a positive difference to your peoples’ lives.

The approach of tailoring services to your people is market-leading. Implementing an EAP or wider Wellbeing Assistance Programme, and adding this to the list of your benefits will make your organisation more desirable, no matter the relationship.

Features & Benefits

Our Wellbeing Assistance Programmes provide:

All Areas

Option to access all Wellbeing Programme features including Financial, Legal and Whistleblowing services.

Around The Clock

Our Well Online and AdviceLine services provide access to support whenever, wherever.

to Therapy

Access to telephone or face-to-face therapy sessions to provide expert help, if required.

Account Managers

Your experienced Account Manager will help launch and promote your programme to maximise your ROI.

Service Delivery

All solutions can be created with a range of access options, depending on your particular needs. From online to on-site, we’ll create the right service for you and your people.


Well Online provides your people with 24/7/365 access to practical guides and advice, and a gateway to additional services.

Face to Face

Our clinicians, practitioners and trainers are experts in providing face to face support.


Our friendly and qualified AdviceLine counsellors are just a call away when your people need immediate assistance.


Our global network of clinicians, trainers and critical incident responders are available to provide local support in the UK or overseas.