Financial Advice Service

Long-term support to help your people manage their own finances more efficiently.

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Reducing The Burden Of Debt

Debt can be financially and emotionally draining, impacting on the mental health and general wellbeing of your people.

That’s why we’re able to provide free and confidential advice with long-term support to help your people manage their own finances more efficiently.

Our team of consultants offers a hands-on approach to help your people deal with their debt concerns, restoring the focus on their work, their career and even on their own life-plan objectives.

Interested in providing your people Financial Information Services?

Why CiC?

We understand the burden that building debt and other financial worries can have on our day to day life.

That’s why we’ve created our industry-leading financial support service to ensure that your people are able to get on with the things that matter to them.

Our experienced and dedicated team of financial advisors will provide clear and impartial advice focused on finding a realistic solution that works for each individual.

CiC’s financial information service can support with:

Managing debt – Budgeting – Credit card – Investments – Pensions – Savings – Tax – Banking

Features & Benefits

There are many features and benefits that come with the Financial Information service, such as:

Service Access

Easy access to your financial advice service through our Adviceline or Well Online.

Highly Qualified

Our experienced team have many years of supporting individuals with financial issues.


Whatever the situation, the service will never advise a specific financial product.

Long Term

We'll put the work in to support your people long-term.

Service Delivery

All solutions can be created with a range of access options, depending on your particular needs. From online to on-site, we’ll create the right service for you and your people.


Well Online provides your people with 24/7/365 access to practical guides and advice, and a gateway to additional services.

Face to Face

Our clinicians, practitioners and trainers are experts in providing face to face support.


Our friendly and qualified AdviceLine counsellors are just a call away when your people need immediate assistance.


Our global network of clinicians, trainers and critical incident responders are available to provide local support in the UK or overseas.