Emotional resilience boosts positive management techniques

Delegates were treated to a dynamic, action-packed seminar as the CiC team introduced them to ‘Positive and effective management for challenging times’ on Tuesday 22 September 2015.

Through a series of role-play workshops delivered in partnership with Emma Gersch Training, managers were given an insight into how to manage key challenges such as mediating team conflict and encouraging ‘courageous’ communication where face-to-face interaction takes precedence over email.

Kate Nowlan, CiC’s chief executive, reminded delegates of the importance of emotional resilience when it comes to ensuring positive management during challenging situations and in organisations under pressure.

“Resilience is a mindset that enables you to turn adversity into possibility and emotional resilience is a positive attitude to the people, places and things that you’re faced with on a daily basis, especially in the workplace. You can boost your resilience and generate a positive approach to management by identifying your vulnerabilities and pinpointing the situations and circumstances that make you feel stressed and overwhelmed. What actions can you take to overcome these things?”