CiC CEO Kate Nowlan will be speaking at SXSW

We are excited to announce that CiC Employee Assistance CEO, Kate Nowlan, has been selected to speak this Friday, March 8th at the 2019 SXSW Conference, leading the panel for “Frontline to Newsroom: Journalist Mental Health.” The discussion will cover the conflict and human misery that can occur, even just as an observer.

Covering stories about endless war or major disasters, whether from the field or in the newsroom, can seriously affect journalists’ mental health and wellbeing. Kate will discuss with her panel new ways in which journalists can prevent and combat physical and physiological threats of reporting in today’s news industry.

Kate will use her 25 years’ experience to provide help and support to journalists affected by the devastation brought to families after traumatic events, natural disasters or killings of innocent civilians.

Kate Nowlan has previously worked as a corporate psychologist and psychotherapist, with a particular interest in supporting those who have been exposed to traumatic experiences within their working life. She has worked across Europe, Africa, Asia, North America, South America and the Middle East.

Find out how Kate’s talk about leading group training around resilience and traumatic stress at SXSW could help you.

At CiC, we understand that trauma can strike organisations in many ways, so our Critical Incident Management and Support solutions offer a combination of rapid response, on-site intervention, longer-term clinical support, individual and group counselling.