CiC Attend EAEF Conference

This year senior staff at CiC are attending the XVIII EAEF (Employee Assistance European Forum) Conference in Paris on 13 & 14 June. Kevin Vallis, Head of Strategic Relations and President Elect of EAEF, will be present alongside CEO CiC and past EAEF President, Kate Nowlan.

Amour – what’s love got to do with it?

Paris is the City of Light, but also – the City of Love, which is this year’s theme.

It therefore seems timely to examine how this powerful, central and universal force may operate in the context of EAP services.

The presentations and workshops – with a mix of scientific, business and humorous orientations – will explore the connection between love and EAP-relevant topics, including workplace psychosocial policies, leadership skills, engagement and motivation, wellness initiatives, CISD interventions and other clinical applications.

This year, it is more than just a conference – a city is waiting for us.

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XVIII EAEF Conference - Paris - CIC EAP

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