Reach Your Full Potential in 2018 with CiC's Coaching

What is Coaching?

Coaching is a relatively recent phenomenon, first gaining popularity some 40 or so years ago, and interest in the field still continuing to grow. As coaching has come to find its niche somewhere in the space between counselling and mentoring, its distinct approach has become increasingly acknowledged and respected.

Usually involving the acquisition of new skills as well as enhancing personal development, coaching has a wide variety of potential applications including sports, health, and life in general – but with its short term, task orientated focus on performance, the workplace environment is ideally suited to benefit from coaching.

CIC recognises the value of coaching in this environment and offers specialist coaching for the workplace in the form of both executive and career coaching.

Executive Coaching

Generally reserved for senior managers/leaders or high potential employees, executive coaching provides a sounding board for clarifying issues and goals, and aims to help coachees find their own solutions to problems. This may involve the coach asking the right questions, challenging assumptions, or increasing the coachee’s self-awareness.

Executive coaching is typically used to support managers involved with organisational change or those making a transition into a new and challenging role, but it can also be a very helpful tool for resolving team issues, including interpersonal conflict – so behavioural change is sometimes encouraged.

Far from coaching being seen as any kind of crutch for the needy, it is likely to be perceived as a status symbol, and is therefore often sought at the highest level.

Career Coaching

When an individual is looking to move onwards and upwards, career coaching can provide an invaluable and confidential space to explore possible new options. Promotion opportunities arise, contracts run out, or sometimes it just feels like time for a change – but the thought of moving into new and unfamiliar ground can prove daunting.

Career coaching can help to identify current skills and experience, and highlight interests, thus building confidence as well as preparing the ground for change. It can assist with the practical tasks of navigating the job market, producing an impressive CV/profile and cover letter, and provide communication skills practice for interviews.

With such intense competition these days, the direction and support derived from career coaching can make the difference between forging ahead and staying stuck in a role that continues to compromise potential.

Effective Coaching

Coaching is at its most effective when the coachee is willing to believe in the process, is open to receiving feedback, and is able to make changes. Where the coachee is at a senior enough level to have the power to make a difference, coaching can hold the key to a successful future, not just for the coachee, but for the whole organization. Many of those who have benefitted can look back and see the unique value of coaching, and now regard it as a truly exceptional investment.

CiC provides a number of services to organisations looking to provide coaching for their employees. For more information get in touch with us now, or call +44 (0)20 7376 1914.