Ensuring Your Workforce Has A Healthy Work Life Balance in 2020

With this new year why not take the time and invest in your Employees wellbeing and help them take back control of their work life balance, especially now as many companies are running with teams that are burning out as they are attempting to keep on top of high demanding workloads. Most of these companies are trying to find new ways to keep their teams motivated and ensure they have a healthy work life balance.

Even though some people find it easy to leave work at the end of the day and that’s their working day done, for others, work could carry on for several hours more and sometimes continue into the weekend. Although employers are always happy to see enthusiastic employees, it’s also important that staff don’t become worn down, tired and unmotivated by a blurred work life balance.


Here are five ways that you can ensure that your workforce has a stable and healthy work life balance:


Flexible Working

Recently 81% of 3,500 employees were polled by sage people placed importance and value on flexible working. Employees want to know that they’re trusted to manage, where and how they work.

This is no surprise that workers value employers who empower them to manage their own time and productivity. Employees feel valued when they know they can finish earlier and pick up the work at a later date if they need to, safe in the knowledge that their employer knows that they’ll finish the job.


Focus on productivity

Instead of counting the hours that employees work, try to encourage managers to focus on the completion of particular tasks. Some days, employees may need to focus on one task that requires long hours to complete. However, this should be offset by managing employees’ tasks in a manner that allows them to manage their time and work environment in an effective way that means the task is complete in good time and to the best quality.


Encourage breaks

It is incredibly important, when ensuring that your staff have a great work life balance, to make sure that your staff are taking their breaks. Encouraging staff to take their breaks, take a walk or work in a entirely different part of the office is shown to increase productivity and motivation whilst also meaning that staff are able to tackle tasks without the need to continue working at home.


Ensure Employees take their annual leave

By encouraging staff to take their annual leave you’re helping to reaffirm your care for their wellbeing. Everyone deserves a break from work and employers that reward staff with additional holidays and offer generous annual leave are proven to be more motivated and prepared to work. The days away from the office by staff taking days off to relax and get away from work is offset greatly by employees’ renewed motivation and inspiration to work.


Encourage realistic boundaries between work and non-work items

Sometimes, simply informing staff that there is no need to check their inbox outside of working hours can help employees keep a good work life balance. It’s also good to encourage staff to have a clear working day by ensuring that they’re not over-worked with too many tasks to complete or by ensuring that staff know that there are flexible solutions available to help them work in the most effective manor without them having to work longer than their standard eight hour day.


Benefits of your employees benefit the business too. Employees with a healthy work life balance are shown to be more productive and motivated at work. All of which will ultimately benefit the whole company because more and more tasks are completed successfully by happy staff. When staff have a healthy work life balance your business will see better staff retention, increased productivity, higher employee engagement and because of this you’ll see greater profitability from your staff.


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