6 Tips for Lifting Employee Morale

Office morale is a very important feature of any workplace. Low morale can have a negative impact on productivity in the workplace whilst high morale can keep employees productive and fulfilled in their work. Here are a few tips on how an organisation can boost morale in the work place and promote overall employee wellness:

Annual Leave

Some employees, often shy away from taking annual leave or real breaks despite its potential to boost morale. Encourage annual leave days with no work email, no phone calls or laptop to ensure a positive work life balance.

Offer Discounts and Free Professional Development

Employers may consider subsidising, gym memberships, or putting aside money for professional employee development programs. Not only will it boost employees’ achievements and self-esteem, it will empower the organisation with a competitive workforce.


Some Businesses, may not be in a strong financial position to offer pay rises to employees, but they might be able to offer an annual bonus or, perhaps gift staff with vouchers as a way of saying thanks and demonstrating to staff how much they are valued.

Lunch Breaks

Research suggests that one in five people take lunch breaks. Encourage employees to take a proper lunch break away from the desk, this can decrease workplace stress.

Limit Office Hours

Nowadays employees can be expected to put in long hours at the office. Despite the appearance of productivity, this can impact on well-being and doesn’t necessarily increase results. Empower employees with clear boundaries around office hours.

Career Breaks

Career breaks can increase quality of life and encourage retention among employees. Based on the time of service, an employee might take a break to pursue passions, volunteer, or spend time with family. These kinds of extended breaks give individuals a viable option beyond quitting or transferring to a different company and in improves staff retention.

A Simple “Thank You…”

Finally bosses, say “thank you”. It takes two simple words. Say it about something specific, and say it with meaning. Appreciation always increases morale.

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