Legal Advice Service

Providing free impartial legal advice for your people, whenever they need it.

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Why Provide Legal Advice?

Sometimes we need help with legal matters. Even the idea of navigating this landscape can be bewildering for many people. That’s where our legal service comes in.

Our legal consultants will share access to an extensive law library and online legal research materials ensuring the advice your employees receive will be impartial, reliable, easily accessible and free of legal jargon.

Interested in providing your people with legal advice?

Why CiC?

Our team of dedicated and experienced advisors include previous barristers, non-practising solicitors and executives all of whom have legal, accountancy and banking backgrounds. They will support your people with efficient and practical advice on a full range of complex and sensitive legal and tax issues.

CiC’s legal service can help you with a range of legal issues including:

Family Law – Insolvency Law – Personal Injury – Landlord and Tenant Disputes – Boundary Disputes – Consumer Law – Discrimination – Health and Safety – Planning Matters – Welfare and Benefit


Features & Benefits

There are many features and benefits that come with providing a legal advice service for your people including:

Service Access

Your people can request access the legal advice service through our Adviceline or Well Online.

Highly Qualified

Our dedicated & experienced team come from a range of legal and banking backgrounds.

Jargon Free

The advice provided is designed to make things clearer and less stressful for your people.


Whatever the situation, the service will only advise on your rights and legal position.

Service Delivery

All solutions can be created with a range of access options, depending on your particular needs. From online to on-site, we’ll create the right service for you and your people.


Well Online provides your people with 24/7/365 access to practical guides and advice, and a gateway to additional services.

Face to Face

Our clinicians, practitioners and trainers are experts in providing face to face support.


Our friendly and qualified AdviceLine counsellors are just a call away when your people need immediate assistance.


Our global network of clinicians, trainers and critical incident responders are available to provide local support in the UK or overseas.