Trust Women: helping us to better help the helpers

Attending Trust Women last week was an opportunity for me to find out so much more about the issue of human trafficking and slavery that exists in the modern world,” said Kate Nowlan, Chief Executive of CiC.

“The issues, images and information that were shared at the conference are so valuable to CiC’s learning and understanding as an organisation that provides a unique support service to the professionals and volunteers who are on the ground helping and supporting victims of this type of crime.

“Enhancing CiC’s insight into the environments that individuals from NGOs, aid agencies and media organisations have to work in when supporting victims of such wrongdoing enables us to offer more targeted and appropriate emotional and practical support that can help them to cope with the extraordinary pressures of the traumatic events they have witnessed. It enables us to offer longer-term psychological support that can will them to become more resilient in the face of what they’ve witnessed.