Managing the tripartite relationship of EAP counselling

Many EAPs are known for their provision of counselling support. EAP counselling referrals are mostly provided by affiliate or network counsellors and are complex not only because of the clients presenting problems but due to the sheer number of people in the consulting room. There’ s the employing organisation (who is ultimately funding the sessions), the EAP case manager (who has responsibility for the case), the employee who’ s been referred for counselling and the affiliate counsellor.

In the Winter 2015 issue of Counselling at Work, CiC’ s Clinical Director, Libby Payne, and Account Manager, Claire Neal, take a look at managing the unique “˜tripartite’ relationship of EAP counselling, and offer advice to affiliate counsellors on how best to create a positive working relationship with an EAP in order to gain the most from the partnership.

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