As the nights draw in, we are more likely to have trouble sleeping; insomnia is far more common in the winter months.

This is because the shorter days mean we are exposed to far less sunlight, often spending from sunrise to sunset in our office. Sunlight is needed for the body to naturally produce melatonin – the chemical that regulates the timing and duration of our sleep.

One easy tip for improving sleep during this period is to spend as much time outside during daylight hours as possible; take a walk at lunchtime or have a meeting outside if you can.

Lack of quality sleep can affect productivity, engagement and stress levels making it an important topic for employers to address.

CiC have recently developed and delivered bespoke seminars on this topic addressing a wide range of sleep difficulties and giving tips to allow more of us to enjoy healthy, restful sleep.

These sessions can be delivered live in person, online or both at once if you have the facility. They have been well received by audiences from all sectors and can be tailored to the specific needs of your staff.

Find out more information in our Sleep and Insomnia helpsheet

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