CiC survey reveals what' s causing us the most stress

A survey by CiC into the factors that are causing people the most stress at the moment has revealed some interesting results about the range of issues we’ re managing and which have the potential to impact on our personal and professional lives.

“Pressure of work is the overwhelming issue for the 160 respondents that completed our survey, closely followed by family and relationship issues. It’ s interesting that the top two factors in our poll highlighted both work and home based factors as key causes of stress, reminding us, as individuals, employers and managers, that stress can come from a range of sources,” says Kate Nowlan, chief executive of CiC.

The top five causes of stress, according to individuals who completed the CiC survey in November 2013 are:

  1. Pressure of work – 30%
  2. Family and relationships – 23%
  3. Money and debt – 12%
  4. Health issues – 12%
  5. Workplace conflict – 10%