CiC: celebrating 25 years

Over the last 25 years, CiC has established a strong reputation for expert clinical delivery, providing counselling and therapeutic support for thousands of employees across all business and industry sectors. Today, CiC looks after more than 400,000 people in the UK alone and is rapidly expanding its international client base, particularly supporting those around the world who are working in hostile environments.

Reflecting on this milestone anniversary and looking forward to its continued future success, CiC’s chief executive, Kate Nowlan, considers what it is that makes CiC so unique and well-respected among clients, as well as more widely in the employee assistance industry.

Certainly it is CiC’s intentionally independent nature and structure that makes us pleased to be different in the employee assistance market; we’re proud not to be a subsidiary of a global company or an unwieldy conglomerate and as such, the way we work and operate lets us preserve our own sense of focus, purpose and identity. Naturally, our neat structure has also always enabled us to respond quickly to the needs of employers and employees, ensuring that appropriate and timely solutions can be developed in response to changes in the world around us and the needs of our clients and partners.

CiC’s core strength, though, is held in our people and our culture, both of which have ensured the business’ success over the past 25 years and it’s something that ensures we continue to attract and retain talented professionals who share the company’s pursuit of clinical excellence, ethics and professional standards.

CiC’s senior account manager, Bianca Fernandes, explains here why the business means so much to her. It’s through the support of employees like this in our 30-strong core team who are energised and engaged with the employee assistance solutions we offer that we continue to be successful


“CiC is an open-minded and flexible organisation with an experienced and dedicated team. I wanted to work here because of its reputation for clinical excellence.”

“ Emma Innes, Clinical Manager, CiC.

“CiC is a fantastic group of people who all work really hard to provide the best possible service. I really enjoy maintaining relationships with customers, making sure they’re aware of everything we do for them and that they’re happy with how they’re being looked after. The business really has a strong ˜family feel’ which truly reflects the high level of thought and care that goes into providing our services.”

“ Sarah Warwick, Account Manager, CiC.

“CiC is ethical and caring, as well as being the most supportive employer I’ve ever worked with.”

“ Javier Paredes, Account Manager, CiC.