CiC and DOCIAsport Team Up to Boost Customer Offerings

DOCIAsport and CIC are delighted to announce the commencement of a partnership to add value to each other’ s client offers. Both organisations are committed to leading by example, delivering duty of care in action and wanting to make a difference to other people’ s lives.

Commenting on this exciting development. Ian Braid Founder and MD of DOCIAsport said; ” We believe that sport and activity has a contribution to make to a wider society and this links to our interest in reducing mental illness. Working with CIC EAP we believe we can help them in their work with their clients highlighting the services they offer. Similarly we believe CIC EAP can help us in addressing well being and duty of care in the sport sector.”

Kate Nowlan, CEO of CiC, added: “It is a great privilege to be working with DOCIAsport, focusing on the importance of supporting mental health, wellbeing and resilience across the industry. The media has drawn attention to celebrated names in the sporting world who have acknowledged struggles with depression and anxiety, but we know that there are many who are silently wrestling with similar issues and would welcome increased support that helps reduce the stigma of mental health problems.”