CiC Online Mediation and How It Works

Here at CiC, we use Zoom for our online platform as it replicates the standard ‘face to face’ mediation. We set up a number of virtual rooms; the main virtual room where both parties meet with the mediator and break-out virtual rooms to enable private meetings between one party and the mediator that would normally be conducted in separate rooms.

The mediator first meets with each party individually to explain the process, ensure that they are comfortable with the virtual mediation process and to hear the issues from their perspective and their hopes moving forward.

The mediator remains in control of the process and the technology so the parties can focus on the session.

It is important to remember that this is a voluntary, informal and confidential process. The mediator is impartial.

After these preliminary introductions, the mediator will bring the parties together into the main virtual room and the mediation session will begin. The parties can have private sessions in the virtual breakout rooms with the mediator at any stage of the process.

COVID-19 has meant that we have had to quickly adapt our ways of delivering mediation and remote online mediation has great value during this time. It offers immediate availability, cost and time savings and could indeed be the way forward for mediation.

To learn how our online mediation service can help your organisation contact us here.